#BWECares for tornado victims

In addition to the incredible devastation of the south, an F5 tornado flattened the city of Joplin, Mo., this week, injuring more than 400 people and killing more than 120. People across the U.S. need our help, and BlogWorld Expo Cares. Here's how you can show that you do, too:

1. Donate - Make a tax deductible donation here to the US Red Cross for Tornado Victims.
2. Raise Funds - Set up your own fundraising page and rally your circle of influence, peers, friends and family for Tornado Victims.
3. Share - Help us spread the word through the #BWECares hashtag on Twitter, by writing blog posts and more.

These cities have been dealt a crushing blow and need our help today. Your dollars will help mobilize immediate relief to the areas impacted most by these disasters, bringing life-saving support, aid and help to people in need. Thanks so much for considering this opportunity.

- BlogWorld and #BWECares


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